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Vacuum Cleaner

Introducing a new way to clean.
Balanced for easy handling of floor to ceiling cordless cleaning.

New Product

Hand carry battery Fan

Travel Pouch 2017 Nodic Black Kit

cord-less Vacuum Cleaner

3D Circulator

Smartphone Wallet case

Best Product

Multi-Function Passport Case

Big Size Wet Tissue for baby

Silver Cart

Enzyme Wash Powder

Probiotics for infant


dundee Brand Story & NZ Com. History

Participation in Tokyo International Show.

05 SEP 2014

NZ Co., Ltd. participated in the worldwide Tokyo International Exhibition.
The exhibited products attracted many visitors' attention and satisfaction.

dundee cooling pad
in Newspapers article.

09 SEP 2011

Cooling pad products of NZ Co., Ltd. were introduced in electronic newspaper.

NZ company Co. is partners with E-bay.

07 NOV 2016

NZ Co.,Ltd made a contract with E-bay.
E-Bay is the largest online distributor in Korea with Auction and G-Market. NZ Co.,Ltd formally closed the deal and launched new item in E-bay.